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Actuarial Common Entrance Test” (ACET) is the gateway to the actuarial world. ).


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E- learning, Actuarial Tutorial, Actuarial work and IT Skills Required for Actuarial work

Actuarial work Training

Including IT Skills Training Required for Actuarial work

Is knowledge based teaching

Has faculties with more than 15 years of experience in all fields

Provides a systematic study plan

Provides regular guidance & motivation

Promotes interactive learning environment

Completes course in time & allows self-study

Provides facility of regular exams & evaluation

1 Industry experts = Quality trainers

The way we conduct our training- hands on experience

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Complete compliment of Actuarial Training services

Recruitment division solely for actuaries

Could not understand any topic, no worries

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 The education mall (TEM) is a one stop solution for all education related guidance and support.

TEM provide an opportunity for knowledge thirsty and career savvy students to come and quench their insatiable thirst for learning and in return shape their future for a better tomorrow.
Life is full of challenges and not only parents but students also often get confused as to what career to choose which will prove to be a harbinger of name, fame and glory. There we are to relieve you of the worry, guide and equip you with techniques and skills which will not only help in manoeuvring dilemma towards future but also help to tread on a path to success.
We not only provide education but create an interactive environment so as to make learning a fun and not monotony. We guide the way to success i.e. right from education to career counselling and finally placement assistance. We boast of having a bouquet of educational solution which will definitely enlighten the way to success.

29 April, 2017

Exam Schedule IAI

29 April, 2017

Exam Schedule UK

17 April, 2017

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